Alnico Magnets Brisbane.

At Sekao Engineering, stock a large range of Alnico Magnets in Brisbane. These permanent magnets are made from an alloy of samarium, cobalt and iron. In fact, this makes them among the strongest magnets on Earth. Consequently, Sekao Engineering, have them in a range of sizes, grades and shapes to suit your needs.

Al-ni-co Rare Earth Magnets.

Stated previously, Sekao also stocks Alnico magnets. Likewise, in a range of sizes, grades and shapes to suit your needs. Whatever job or project you have on the go. Alnico, actually an acronym, refers to a family of iron alloys. In addition to iron, they are also composed primarily of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co), hence al-ni-co.

These magnets are designated ferromagnetic. Which means they have a high coactivity. Alternatively, resistance to loss of magnetism. Therefore, they are used to make permanent magnets. In the 1970s, Before the development of rare-earth magnets. Alnico was considered the strongest type of permanent magnet available.

Buying, Delivery and Discounts.

As previously mentioned, Sekao Engineering supports you with our flat rate delivery fee throughout all Australia. More importantly, with no minimum order. With, you know you are always getting a great deal.

Whether you need Magnets as a disc, block, rod or pot. has the right magnet for your needs. Browse our shop and get the right tool for the job. Available right away with our easy to use online shopping system. And with a flat fee of just $11.00 for delivery. No matter how many Alnico and Samarium Cobalt Magnets you purchase.

Also, if you are buying in bulk of 10 or more magnets. has a discount scheme available. And, the more Alnico and Samarium Cobalt Magnets you buy. The bigger the discount!

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