Blacksmith Supplies

Sekao Engineering can supply you with some of the very best blacksmith Supplies. Our Blacksmith Supplies and anvils. Offers new and used hand tools and equipment for blacksmiths or for hobbyists who enjoy making steel products by hand. We stock a range of blacksmith and welding tools to suit your needs. These range from, Blowers, Anvils, Bee’s wax, Dog spikes and Horse shoes.

Our Anvils

Our Anvils are made from cast steel in sizes from 10kg to 200kg. These anvils are the best modern day anvils you can buy. And they are available to pick up direct from our store in Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Cast Steel anvils lack of deafening ring of the forged variety. Therefore, they are much easier to work on then forged anvils as far as hearing protection goes. They have a great bounce back and are sure to least even the most committed smithy. And furthermore, cast steel isn’t as brittle as cast iron

Blacksmiths Today

Creating objects by forging or welding steel(blacksmithing) is a trade still practiced today. Although its popularity seems to have waned since the 19th century. In the 21st century world, the blacksmith profession has generally divided into farriers. Guys who shoe horses and trim their feet. On the other side blacksmiths, who work with wrought iron and other metals. There are still many tradesmen, hobbyists and some amazing artists that still enjoy the art of the blacksmith trade and creating things with their hands with the old traditional methods.

Some out there combine blacksmiths and artistic endeavors. Others make functional items such as gates or fences. And some combine both activities by creating made-to-order wrought ironwork with extensive decoration added. Artists creating sculptors and decorative frame works, historical re-enactments and movie sets. Blacksmiths really are still alive and well, and as you can see, it’s not all horse shoes!

Getting Close and Personal

So whatever it is you do in the myriad of the blacksmithing world or if you are a local welder here in Brisbane. You will find Sekao Engineering has the right blacksmith tools Brisbane, for you. And together with the easy way to pay using Paypal, buying online and either getting your items delivered (not including anvils or gas cylinders), we make it too easy.

At Sekao Engineering, we understand the need that sometimes you have to get up close and personal with items like anvils, blowers and cylinders or any of our other blacksmith supplies brisbane. To make sure you are getting the best tools for the job. We get it. So we welcome you to our store. Come in and inspect these larger items before you buy.

Just give our friendly well trained and experienced store staff a call, see us at the store.
You can find the location here. But please take note, if you use the GPS or online maps, your GPS might take you to Delta Street but our entrance is off Robinson Road. If you struggle, just give us a call and we will guide you in. Our trading hours are 8.30am until 4pm Mon – Fri. Alan normally has the kettle on for a brew and is happy to discuss your blacksmith tooling needs. Sekao and is the best place for blacksmith supplies brisbane.

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