The Australian Stingless Bee Hive

Australia is an amazing place for its wildlife, any school child around the world could tell you that. And one of its treasures is the Australian Stingless bee. Our Bee hive is a 100% Australian product built specifically for the Aussie Stingless bee.

There are 4 types of Stingless bees in Australia, all native. They make a great addition to your garden. They dont exactly produce honey like the bigger stinging buzzers, or wax. But they are great pollinators. A good solid bee hive will keep them happy and give them a great home. Australian stingless bees
They will help to pollinate your treasured plants.
will supply you with a taste of their unique honey.
have interesting social behaviour like the commercial honey bees, but
they are stingless and easier to handle.
Best of all, they are “true blue” Australian bees.

Having a bee hive and observing there behaviour could help unravel some of the remaining mysteries of their secret lives within the nest.

Buying the bee hive online

Finally, Buying one of these great bee hives online is quick and easy. They can be sent to you anywhere in Australia. Please do note though, these little stingless bees like the warmer climates. So maybe best if you dont should you be in colder parts of Aus. Fine in Brisbane though, so buy one, you will love it!

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