Where it all began, for Sekao

When Sekao Engineering first decided to get into magnets and magnet sales it was Neodymium Sphere magnets that we sold first. They are after all the strongest magnets in the entire world. In fact, even a thumbnail sized magnet cannot be moved from a refrigerator by hand. In fact, the attraction between two neodymium magnets is so strong that if placed close enough together, they can collide and shatter.

However, due to the fact that iron oxidizes quickly, neodymium magnets are coated to prevent rust from accumulating. Which is why you normally see them with a chrome layer. There are many uses for the sphere magnets. You can use them on pin boards or whiteboards and they will happily hold photos and papers even if the diameter is just a few millimeters. Furthermore, the magnet won’t leave a hole or a mark.

As Always With Sekao Engineering Safety First!

Please do not give these Neodymium magnets to small children. They are small and can cause choking if swallowed. Large sphere magnets can also lead to contusions due to their high adhesive force, hence, even older children should not handle them. These should never be used as toys

As with all of our magnets when buying through magnetics.net.au. Should you be buying 10 or more then a discount will ensue. This will be calculated automatically at checkout. Along with the freight cost, which will be $11.00 in this case. No matter how many magnets you decide to buy. We ship across all of Australia. We are located in Brisbane, so pop down and see us if you are near by. Alan is always ready for a brew and a chin wag. You will be guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction however you decide to contact us. We are here for you.