5 types of Blacksmith Tongs

5 types of blacksmith tongs that you can buy here online with Sekao! Here at Sekao Engineering, we care about what we sell.

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Anvils By Sekao Engineering

When magnetics.net decided that they would start to sell Anvils. Alan needed to decide what anvils he was going to sell. Alan has always preferred the anvils that have been cast, then surface ground & hardened and then tested for hardness. Finding such quality amongst the myriad of cheap stuff out there was difficult in [...]

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Blacksmith Supplies: Modern Day Blacksmith Set-up

Magnetics.net.au are the premier online 'Blacksmith Supplies' resource, here in Brisbane Queensland. We just love to help people. And we love nothing more than helping people that are looking for a Modern Day blacksmith set-up. You can get everything you need from us here, online. The main tools you’ll need to get started are a [...]

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Magnets Industry Insights

Magnets Industry Insights The following contains a snippet of the Global Permanent Magnet Industry Insights Report, which can be found here Full report Permanent magnets market size was valued at USD 13.02 billion in 2015. Growing demand for permanent magnets mainly for medical devices use for disease detection, and effective drug targeting is expected to augment [...]

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